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Studios must register all groups as well as solos, duets and trios.
Solos/duos/trios that register outside of their studio will be considered "indpenedent" and will incur a $20 registration fee.
CAPITOL THEATRE (May 19-20, 2023): ALL solos/duo/trio competitors MUST be registered in the group competition to attend.
Performers may only compete 1 solo, duo or trio. We invite you to attend our March competition as well.

CLICK HERE to create your account for registration. 
If you have attended a BOLD Dance Competition before or have used DanceEra for another competition, simply LOGIN.


  • 5% discount when you register AND PAY before December 31, 2022
Returning Studios:
  • REGISTRATION: If you have used DanceEra at any time in the past, DO NOT delete your dancer unless they no longer dance with you. Simply add the dancers that are not already on your list.
    • Deleting a dancer from your system does not delete it from DanceEra and you will end up with duplicates and parent/dancers unable to access their adjudication and photos!
More Info:
  • ¬†Schedule
    • Preliminary schedules will be sent out at least 14 days in advance of the competition. Final schedules will be sent out at least 7 days in advance of the competition using the email provided at registration.
  • Music
    • All music must be uploaded to the registration portal in MP3 format at least 7 days prior to the event.
    • Please bring a backup of your music.
  • Adjudication
    • Adjudication will be accessible via your registration portal 72 hours after the competition.
    • Studios will be able to give access to their dancers/parents through the registration system.
  • Photos
    • Live action photos will be available in your registration portal.

Please check out our rules to make sure you enter into the correct categories!
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