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Novice (Beginning)

Dancers that are competing at a beginning level.

Turns: Single rotations. Linked chaine and pique turns are acceptable.
NO: fouettes, a la seconde, changing spot of any kind, extension turns (leg hold turns).

Leaps: Front & Side only.

Jumps: Pas de Chat, tuck, straight, toe touch, C jumps, stags.
NO: Firebirds, turning jumps of any kind.

Tumbling: 3 tumbling/acro movements are allowed: Back walkover, front walkover, cartwheels, round-offs, chin stands, etc.
Routines that consist of more than 30% tumbling/acro should compete in the OPEN category.
Dancers with more advanced tumbling (aerials, back handsprings, arabians) must be moved to the Intermediate I category.

Groups competing in the Novice category may have highlighted individual dancers with Intermediate I skills.


Intermediate I

Dancers that can complete the Novice skills at a high level but are still working on the following skills at an intermediate technical level

Turns: Double rotations
NO: NO: fouettes or a la seconde

Leaps: Back leaps and Stag leaps
NO: Switch leaps

Jumps: Back leaps, stag leaps, tilt jumps, entry-level turning jumps (axel, tilt, chevron)
NO: Turning side leaps and similar skill leveled jumps

Tumbling: 3 tumbling/acro movements are allowed: Back walkover, front walkover, cartwheels, round-offs, chin stands, aerial, back handsprings, etc.


Intermediate II

Dancers that can compete the Intermediate I skills at a high level and are working on the skills in Intermediate II (these are advanced skills completed at an intermediate ability)

Turns: Triple rotations, fouetté & a la seconde turns

Leaps: Switch leaps

Jumps: Turning leaps

Tumbling: 3 tumbling/acro movements are allowed



Dancers that can compete all movements at an advanced level with very little corrections.

Tumbling: Limit 3. 
Cartwheels, back walkovers, chin stands and other pre tumbling movements will not be considered at this level.

**Routines with excess tumbling will be moved to the OPEN category without deductions.

MERIT JUDGE: Our merit judge will assess the skills and level of each routine and will record deductions and level changes as needed.

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